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    1. Legal counsel is its primary business and its core competitiveness.
    2. Lawyers should work in office everyday and be paid monthly according to payroll system, which means that Yue Cheng Law Firm has really achieved company management.
    3. The Three Characteristics of its legal services: specialized division of labor, all staffbeing ready to serve and public charging standard.
    4. Yue Cheng Law Firm abides by the next three principles:no rebates, noreference fees and no seeking for relationshipsto the back door; this law firm firmly believes that a lawsuit shall win by facts, evidence and lawrather than by looking for relationships.
    5. Yue Cheng Law Firm initiates the spirit of Chinese lawyers: the rule of law,justice, shouldering responsibilitiesand being rational.
    6. Yue Cheng Law Firm firstly advocates the moving service ,which is its legal service standards.