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    First of all the success for a law firm is culture.
    Yue Cheng law firm’s admonish, the couplet on the door, journal of ‘Yue Cheng lawyer’, newsletter of ‘Special Issue of Legal Counsel’, more than 30 meters of cultural corridor, board newspaper, famous aphorism, manner and behavior requirements hanging in the office area and the reception area wall, and published 15 legal monographs, are all revealing the culture of Yue Cheng Law Firm.
    Since the establishment of twenty-two years, Yue Cheng Law Firm has been believing and insisting ‘six programs’.
    ‘Admonition’, hanging in the reception area of the most prominent position of Yue Cheng Law Firm.
    ‘Manner and behavior requirements’, hanging in the most prominent position of Yue Cheng Law Firm.
    The semi-annual journal of ‘Yue Cheng Lawyer’ was founded in 2003, quarterly newsletter of ‘Special Issue of Legal Counsel’ was founded in 2006.
    The journal of ‘Yue Cheng Lawyer’ won newspaper published excellent award of the Beijing Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce for six consecutive years from 2007 to 2012.
    Cultural corridor of more than 30 meters
    15 legal monographs published by Yue Cheng Law Firm.
    6th January is the anniversary of Yue Cheng Law Firm. The picture shows the 21th anniversary on 6th January 2014.
    Yue Cheng Law Firm invites judges, prosecutors, professors, scholars to give lectures every year. The picture shows Yue Cheng law firm invited the Supreme People's Court judge to give a speech about the theme of ‘the judge in the eyes of the lawyer’ on August 7, 2008.
    On August 28, 2010, in order to improve the physical quality of young lawyers, to promote the exchange of young lawyers to ease the pressure on the work, Beijing Yue Cheng Law Firm sets up a young lawyer club.
    Monday morning meeting: directors of each department in advance half hour to participate meeting.
    Friday regular meeting: Yue Cheng Law Firm insists to hold regular meeting of no less than two hours every Friday afternoon.